Extension of applications deadline:

Total amount: euro 3,800

Amount first tranche to be paid by 10 January : € 1,900

Second tranche to be paid by 31 May : € 1,900

Before proceeding with the registration to the Master is necessary to register for online services through this link:

After registration, the system assigns the login credentials (a username and password) that will allow access to the reserved area and all online services activated by the University: https://gomp.uniroma3.it/

After registration, please consult the following instructions: http://tiny.cc/hv7xdz

If you have any technical problems regarding access to online services or the processing of online procedures, you can request assistance through this link: http://portalestudente.uniroma3.it/

Enrolment in modules

The Master is divided in three modules, each of them centred on specific themes. The first focuses on the analysis of geopolitical sceneries and on the processes of globalization. The second concerns the more purely technical issues of humanitarian interventions. The third analyses the transition from the emergency to the development phase.

Within the teaching plan of the Master is possible to enroll in the following training modules:

1Geopolitics, globalization and climate change6010
2Technical aspects of a humanitarian intervention18030
3From Emergency to Peacebuilding and sustainable development9015

The registration fee is established as specified below:

a) Euro 850,00 for Module I,
b) Euro 2 200,00 for Module II
c) Euro 1,000.00 for module III

Subscription to the modules requires the same access qualification required for the master’s registration.

To find out how to subscribe to each module, please send an email to the following address: sspl@uniroma3.it

A certificate of attendance will be issued to each student who has successfully completed one or more of the teaching modules listed here.

Enrolment as an Auditor

Enrolment in the master’s degree course is permitted, as auditors, even for persons who do not satisfy the requirements for access. Auditors are required to pay a registration fee of € 64 for each hour of teaching activity. Attendance at courses as an auditor does not entitle the participant to credit recognition. At the end of the course, a certificate of participation is issued by the Master’s Director. To find out how to enroll, please send an email to the following address: sspl@uniroma3.it


To encourage the participation and commitment of students, 3 grants have been established, accessible to all participants, without distinction of personal or family income.

The amount of each grant is € 760.00, equal to 20% of the course’s total cost. Among the students enrolled in the Master will be selected 3 winners for tutoring activities.

A grant will be reserved for students collaborating or enrolled in organizations engaged in the promotion and organization of the Master HAPI.